How digital art is stored on Ethereum in the form of NFTs


Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are popping up quite a bit on the news. Though they have been around for a few years now, recent events like the sale of the digital art “EVERYDAYS: THE FIRST 5000 DAYS” by digital artist Beeple, which sold for over $69 Million brought a lot of attention to the technologies enabling online collectibles, the most prominent one being Ethereum.

How can this digital art, a JPEG file, be worth so much? Unfortunately, this is not a question that I can answer. I am not here to debate the legitimacy of NFTs or to put a price…

Gopher from pixilart by Ana Wan

This article is based on Go 1.14 & Minecraft Server 1.14.

Minecraft needs no introduction, nor do Minecraft Servers! But how about Minecraft Server Wrappers (MSW)? You may be a casual player or a hardcore Minecraft addict, but if you ever played on a community server, chances are, you have indirectly interacted with an MSW.

MSW is a tool that wraps a Minecraft Server and interacts with it by pushing in commands and reading the server logs.

Most Minecraft community servers or hosting services use some sort of MSW. …

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

I still remember when I landed my first job out of university, how amazing and overwhelming it felt. I was eager to absorb every bit of knowledge and be the best at my craft but soon realized that ‘perfect’ code does not exist.

I started noticing myself stuck for hours, sometimes days in a situation that I refer to as ‘code paralysis’. If you are an over-thinker like myself, you may have even come across a similar situation where you found yourself stuck analyzing the situations and its parameters rather than acting upon it; its referred to as ‘analysis paralysis’.

I will be using the async python web framework AIOHTTP. In case that you may not have heard or used it before I would advice you to jump quickly to the official documentation here and briefly skim through the introduction.

All the code used in this tutorial is also on github.


Lets start off with the HTTP server! I am going to use python@3.7 and pipenv as my package manager and virtual environment but feel free to use any other tool that you might be familiar with. Run the following to start a new python3 environment:

pipenv --python 3.7


Warren Wan

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